The southern coast of Turkey is the hottest travel destination in Europe. The wonderful climate, unrivaled antique sites, superb cuisine and friendly people all combine for the perfect sailing holiday. Every new day you set sail to a new destination.

On the way stop to dive into the turquoise, crystal-clear waters of Cleopatra's honeymoon route. In between destinations you can anchor-up for the night at a charming, deserted bay and get ready for dinner either on board or at a friendly authentic small restaurant on shore. Usually fresh fish with fresh Turkish starters and fresh green vegetables cooked in olive oil.

We visit on the way

Nothing can beat waking up every morning to the sound of the sea gently lapping at the side of the boat with brilliant blue sky and sunshine streaming through the portholes, starting the following day with rock climbing and trekking to ancient cities.

There is no better way to enjoy all that this area has to offer. Some days if you are very lucky, you will find yourself sailing alongside a school of friendly dolphins or carretta carettas. Often you will have unforgettable moments discovering endless beaches, coves and unique islands during this ultimate get away vacation.

Experience sail the narrow channels to ancient Caunos, notable today for its classical-period walls with well-preserved bastions and towers and for its dramatic rock tombs.

Or visit ancient Hyda and its bay or narrow isthmus which the citizens of Knidos (old Knidos) attempted to server in 545 BC to deter advancing Persians armies. And see the temple of Aphrodite (the round temple reconstructed during the Roman period) once housing Praxitele's first nude. 


When we start to talk about Bodrum, it is very important for us to remember the spirit of her… Those seas that we are sailing means Artemisia: History’s first woman admiral in Aegean Halicarnassos…

The Mythical Artemisia, an Ultra Female Warrior on Unicorn's Top! To be honest with you, this portrait is not really much short of the truth, because Artemisia in reality was a strong and formidable female warrior! A typical Independent woman. The first female high ranking officer ever, in the history of the world. Come on girls! We can feel the freedom as much as her!