See you again in June, lovely week

​- Mireille van der Heiden

Just great go on! Let's built international women sailing network.I'll help as much as i can.

- Jacqueline Van Loon

You can't beat Women's Sailing Week !! Thanks for making this such a great trip... The teaching was top class, the experience memorable and as we say in Ireland "the craic was 90" which means the whole thing was great fun. Wishing you lots of success and hope to sail with you again, love

- Ruth Yodaiken 

Had a great week. Met a lot inspiring women. A Great way to get introduced with sailing.​

​- Petra van Nierop

I'am first time in such a kind of event. All i can say WOW Amazing! positive people, positive atmospher, new emotions and feelings. I was really pleased to take part in this sailing week. Great thanks for the event

​- Irina Latysh

I am very thankful to organization committee and personally Neslihan. I was glad to see my old friends from different countries, thank you for all your afford, love you

- Elena Morozova 

All teams should participate on the Pirate Night- could end with a great dancing fiesta. Thank's for organizing such a nice event

​-Vogl Charlotte

It was great and very good organization

- Irina Ermakova 

It was a great week, thanks to organization committee. I'll definetly join next year.

-Heike Cakmak

Thank you for these interesting and informative sailing training. NOW I LOVE SAILING!!! And I will really miss sleeping on board. Have fun and enjoy life like you do it certainly

- Ines

Can do, can do, easily can do
Our hearts would find the route
Can do, can do, certainly can do
Women  can be a skipper as well

Women build the future,
Brotherhood, sisterhood, equality
If anyone, women can,
Can make the Peace in the best way

Can do, can do, easily can do
Our hearts would find the route

Can do, can do certainly can do

Obviously the best

You are a very good sailing instructor who created a women sailing school that serves many purposes for many people. Good luck.

- Brooke

Yacht NJOY - With Love from the Israeli Team
14-21 JUNE 2008 International Women's Sailing Week

We came in eight
With extra weight
Even Sabine's gym
Did not make us slim

We met so many friends
We are sorry that the journey ends
It was so good
The company, the wine, the food

Waking up at 6 am
Having no one to blame

But the wonderful weather
That brought us lots of pleasure

Friendship and good mood
Are all about womanhood

One canoe race
We went to space
As the GPS was lost
We paid high cost
A wonderful race
In a magical place
When she shouted, our skipper
We all became hyper
Though we got so many brozes
We are no loosers
Sunger gave us a fright
But we return a good fight
Second we arrived
To bring a trophy to Yonit's child
Tonight we have a full moon
And we hope to see you soon

For the local sweets from the Royal Dutch
We thank you very much

To Nesli and the Women's Sailing School
We give a big hug 

SAIL PURPLE LYRICS (by Alvastis Team)

Who says it is impossible                                    

Only if you want to sail

Sweet breeze in our heart

Come to the sea, don't hesitate

Can do, can do, easily can do

Our hearts would find the route

Can do, can do, certainly can do

Women can be a skipper as well

If you are determined to be free

No one can stand in your way

Let's Sail, following our heart

Come to the sea, don't hesitate