​"Every woman in Turkey can sail"

We want every woman to have an opportunity to sail in Turkey!  

In collaboration with GLOBAL SAILING ACADEMY, we provide free training twice a year for women from various regions of Anatolia.


We Join Race as Women Team 

We are introducing racing rules, tactics and team building to have some competitive spirit while enjoying the racing athmosphere. Getting an impression of professional sailors how they are racing. Mostly fun and challange are involved and several times some remarkable results gained by women teams amongst man even the first place.

Organize Race

​International Women's Sailing Cup, in our previous three women's cups, we were 17 teams 12 countries   

Organize Flotilla


We sail from one to another of the most beautiful and peaceful bays of southwestern Turkey every day, enjoying the brilliant blue sky and crystal-clear waters where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. You are welcome regardless of your sailing knowledge and experience. We will be happy to instruct and guide you, keeping you safe at all times.


​We join Marmaris Race Week this year please check our calendar