1. Preparations on Deck
     a. Checking Moorings & Sheets
     b. Fenders, Harnesses, Mast & Rig checks
     c. Checking Navigation Lights
     d. Checking Service Boat (rib)
2. Preparations of Sailing Equipment
     a.Mainsails, headsails & spinnaker checks
     b. Reefs & reefing lines
     c. Sheets
     d. Oiling blocks & winches
3. Other Preparations
     a. Formalities, transit log & other paperwork
     b. Work sharing & shifts
     c. Provisioning according to needs of crew
     d.Drinking water check
     e. Eating, meal orders
     f. Clearing up before cruising

1. Steering
      a.Steering in windy conditions
      b. Steering in conditions of current
      c. Steering in wavy conditions
      d. Steering in shallow waters
2. Bow Thruster
3. Propellor
4. Generators
5. Anchors
6. Anchoring
       a. Determining depth and type of sea bed
       b. Scope
       c. Laying the chain
       d. Controlling the scope when anchoring
       e. Staying on anchor
       f. Anchor releasing techniques
7. Ropes
       a. Where are the used?
       b. Tying up & mooring techniques with ropes
8.Winches and uses of wiches for different purposes
9. Windlasses
10. Servise Boat (rib)
11. Primary Manouvers
       a. Coming alongside
       b. Leaving a jetty
       c. Stern to
       d. Bow to
       e. Wind on manouvers
       f. Wind off manouvers
       g. Manouvers where anchor can be used.    
       h. Use of springs & other ropes to leave a jeti
       i. Rescuing a boat which has run aground
       j. Being towed
       k.Man over board

1.Checks before going out cruising.
2.Points of sail
3. Upwind sailing - Close Hauled
       a. Getting to know the boat
       b. Cruising in the correct direction
       c. Trimming to improve upwind sailing
       d. Trims that have negative effects on upwind sailing
4. Trimming For the Course
       a. Close Reach
       b. Broad Reach
       c. Downwind Sailing
       d. Downwind, running techniques
5. Manouvers
       a. Tacking
       b. Gybing
       c. 180 Turns
       d. Wind on & wind off manouves when sailing off a jeti
       e.Tying up to a pontoon.
6. Clothing when going sailing
7. Provisioning
8. Passage Plan
9. Man over board

1.Parts of the rope
        a. Standing
        b. Working
        c. Bight
2. Figure of Eight Knot: Where and how to use it?
3. Rolling Hitch: Where and how to use it?
4. Bowline: Where and how to use it?

Beginners - Competent Crew                 

The objective of this course is to introduce the basic principles of sailing to the beginners. 
Teaching the boat life, personal safety, controls of helm under sail and engine 
as well as seamanship to bring you a level of useful crew member of a cruising yacht.