Women’s Sailing School is the first and only sailing school in Turkey that aims to unite women from all over the world and play an active role in helping women defend their own rights. It is also globally unique because it only organizes events for amateur women sailors. We organize training programs of various levels; flotillas (International Women’s Sailing Week) that offer participants the chance to make new friends, explore one of the world’s best cruising areas, acquire or enhance sailing skills and have lots of fun; and also race weeks (International Women’s Sailing Cup).

We will enhance the boating experiences for all women by delivering professional courses, international cruises and racing events that bring women together from all over the world to share their knowledge, cultures and experiences through the platform of sailing with highest quality information, education, camaraderie and support. 


Yachtmaster - Sailing Instructor
Founder of Women’s Sailing School

After years of working at various levels of management in international companies, I’ve decided that what makes my heart beat faster is the sea and sailing. My belief that “women can make a difference for a better world” became the motto of Women’s Sailing School. With close friends who share the same belief and dreams, we organize training programs and international events. Our aim is to bring together women from different cultures, setting an example of understanding and solidarity; and to help women become aware of the power in themselves which, in essence, is the power that enables them to make a difference for a better world, a better future...